Troop 31 Most Valuable Player Award

Each year, Scouting units across the Juniata Valley Council have the chance to recognize a special person in their Pack, Troop or Crew. The unit Most Valuable Person or “MVP” award is designed to honor an individual who goes above and beyond the call of duty to support the Scouting program and our youth. The award is presented at the Council Recognition Dinner each November. The selection of the honoree is up to our Troop Committee and we make the selection at our October Committee meeting. The criteria is broad – the nominee should be an adult Scouter (Scoutmaster, Patrol Advisor or Committee Member) who:

  • Displays a strong commitment to the Troop
  • Promotes and follows the 8 Methods of Scouting:
    • Ideals – as spelled out in the Scout Oath, Law, motto and slogan
    • Patrols – experience in group living and participating citizenship
    • Outdoors – where Scouts share responsibilities and learn to live with each other
    • Advancement – providing surmountable obstacles and steps to overcome them
    • Adult Association – adults of high character setting good examples
    • Personal Growth – through Scouts planning their activities and progressing towards goals
    • Leadership Development – by encouraging Scouts to participate in shared & total leadership situations
    • Uniform – showing a commitment to the aims & purposes of Scouting, providing a visible identity and a positive image leads by example volunteers willingly
  • Leads by example
  • Volunteers willingly

Nominations can be submitted by anyone with an involvement in Troop 31 – a Scout, parent, Committee Member, Scoutmaster, Patrol Advisor or a member of St. Paul’s United Methodist Church. Only Troop Committee members can vote and previous winners are ineligible.